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George Bronk Hacks Facebook to Virtually Rape Hundreds of Women

George Bronk, a 23 year old male from California, is facing a six year prison term for using Facebook to "virtually rape" hundreds of women. Authorities from Sacramento report that Bronk used the world's largest social network to hack email accounts of hundreds of women, steal and extort nude photos from their computers, and then distribute the nude photos to every contact from his victims' email accounts. Bronk was nabbed by officials following a nine month period ending in September of last year.

Bronk claims the motivation behind the "virtual rape" was humor, stating he found the incident "funny." Bronk is now facing six years in prison and last week pleaded guilty to seven felonies. The charges against Bronk include computer intrusion, impersonation, and possession of child pornography.

Bronk's victims include women from 17 states and England. At the time of his arrest, Bronk possessed 170 nude, lewd, or indecent photographs of his victims.

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