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George Clooney Not Experienced in Sex Scene: Costar

Few would be privy to the fact that George Clooney has not done many sex scenes in his glorious acting career and actually feels uncomfortable filming one. On the contrary, many women would find it highly intimidating to get naked with somebody who has the stature that George Clooney commands. It comes as a surprise that George Clooney’s costar in the movie The American, which is to be released soon, there was no such apprehension or trepidation. Violante Placido in fact seemed to have enjoyed figuring out the scene with George Clooney.

According to the beautiful Violante Placido who plays a prostitute in the thriller and also George Clooney’s love interest, the actor confessed to her that he has not done much sex scenes and that it was something new to him. In an interview with the People, she went onto say that once the lead characters decided to trust each other; the scene was easier to film and looked convincing.

Being a critical part of the movie, it was important for the scene to be shot perfectly and that’s what happened. It seems that both George Clooney and his costar are happy with their joint performance.

George Clooney plays a professional killer on a last assignment before he bids adieu to the underworld. The American is going to be released worldwide on the 1st of September 2010.

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