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George Huguely Charged for Yeardley Love’s Murder

The Yeardley Love murder case has been hanging in a limbo long enough now and its about time that new details emerged to solve the case. According to the official reports of the Police, the murder of the University of Virginia Student Yeardley Love happened on May 3rd 2010 and now they have some more details about the case which has led to an arrest.
According to the documented reports of the Charlottesville Circuit Court, Yeardley Love and her ex-boyfriend George Huguely had gotten into a fight a few days before Love was found slaughtered in her apartment. Police were able to extract an email from the laptop of Yeardley Love which George Huguley had trashed in a waste bin.
The affidavit said that there was evidence of George Huguely and Yeardley Love getting into a fierce fight whose details is blacked out on the document for the benefit of the public. There is also the statement of a sorority sister who saw Yeardley Love hurling her purse at George Huguely in his apartment.
George Huguely insists that the murder of Yeardley Love was an accident. However, the 22 years old student has been charged with first degree murder of Yeardley Love.

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