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Glenn Beck Launches “The Blaze” Website!

After setting the world ablaze after his popular “restoring honor” rally, Glenn Beck is looking for something to reclaim the limelight and what better way to do it than launch a website. Glenn Beck has gone ahead and launched a website by the name of “The Blaze”, which cannot be more fitting. “The Blaze” is expected to change America, as Glenn Beck envisages and puts his vision into words.

According to popular belief, Glenn Beck had to come up with another outlet in order to further his conservative or anti-progressive agendas and he’s succeeded in the form of “The Blaze”. It appears that “The Blaze” has been launched with an eye to bring down the likes of Huffington Post as a news website alternative to all the others.

A team of video producers, presenters and writers have come together and worked on “The Blaze” to make it presentable. The website debuted yesterday for the first time on the internet mentioning various categories of news that it would be bringing to the audience including Politics, Culture, Faith and Family.

To the delight of some and the disgust of many others, the courses taken to report the latest happenings are well in line with the ones used in the rallies and TV Shows. “The Blaze” is surely worth checking out.

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