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Glenn Beck Rally at Lincoln Memorial Sparks Controversy

So Glenn Beck has decided to do it again. It so happens that after his various foot-in-the-mouth comments, Glenn Beck has done a comeback by announcing to hold a so called “Restoring the Honor” rally on the steps of Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. Yes, you have guessed it right. The exact date for the Glenn Beck Rally has been chosen as the 28th of August 2010.

Is it a coincidence that the Glenn Beck Rally for restoring honor is going to happen on the 47th Anniversary of the Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic speech and that too, at the exact same location? Many democrats are outraged and their comments akin this to building the mosque at Ground Zero. How that’s relevant is lost on everyone.

However, Glenn Beck really does push it sometimes. When asked about the choice of location and the date to commemorate the world-famous “I have a Dream” speech, Glenn Beck simply said that the incidence is “divine providence”. According to Glenn Beck, the two events clashing is only a coincidence which the fate wanted to happen. On the surface, the Glenn Beck having a rally idea seems innocent, but give it a second thought and you might see through it a hundred and one percent.

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