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Glenwood Springs, Colorado Rockslide

Glenwood Springs, Colorado, was the site of a massive rockslide which closed a 17 mile stretch of Interstate 70. The rockslide occurred at approximately midnight on Sunday, March 7, 2010. The rockslide occurred west of the Hanging Lake Tunnel in Glenwood Canyon along the Rocky Mountain range, in north west Colorado in Garfield County.

Boulders weighing as much as tractor trailers fell to the highway and caused traffic detours. Two massive holes on the westbound bridge lanes and large boulders were strung across both lines of Interstate 70. Authorities confirm that no injuries or damages to vehicles resulted from the rock slide. Stacey Stegman, representative for the Colorado Department of Transportation reported that work crews employed explosives to remove the massive boulders impeding traffic. The biggest boulder left a gaping hole in a bridge estimated in size to be 10 ft by 20 ft. Stegman maintains that there is no way to determine how long it will take crews to repair I 70. The last slide on Thanksgiving 2004 cost over $700,000 to repair and it was a much smaller section of road which was damaged. Steman reported "This is very similar in size [to the 2004 slide] but we think it has caused even more damage than that one did,"

Nearly 25,000 vehicles have been reported to travel the section of I 70 that has been closed down indefinitely, between mile markers 116 to 125 from Glenwood Spings to Dotsero. Detour routes offer a 200 mile alternative to I 70.

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