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Gma Jessi Slaughter Interview, July 22

Watch the GMA Jessi Slaughter interview in this July 22 Good Morning America video clip. Jessi Slaughter, 11, began posting YouTube videos to retaliate against the cyberbullying she had experienced.

Jessi Slaughter was reportedly being threatened, plus her real name and contact information were distributed. Her use of YouTube videos to strike back made news and created more awareness of the cyberbullying issue and alerted parents to be more aware of their children's internet usage.

Jessi's dad also got in on the YouTube act, as he was seen yelling in a video directed at those sending threats.

Jessi Slaughter said she's still going to be online, however: "I'm going to continue making my videos, I'm going to continue updating my Twitter and going on Stickam and stuff -- just going to be a little more careful with who sees what I'm doing."

Source: TV Crunch

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