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"God" Arrested in Colorado Springs Following Botched Burglary, Bad Trip, and Offering Pot to Police

Jorelle Antivo, a twenty one year old claiming to be "God" was arrested in Colorado Springs, Colorado, following a botched burglary, bad trip, and offering pot to police officers. Antivo's arrest occurred in the early hours of Thursday, February 17, 2011 per a report filed by the Colorado Springs Police Department.

The report stated that Antivo charged officers when they arrived at an apartment complex located near Austin Bluffs Parkway and North Academy Boulevard at 3:40 a.m. Officers attempted to get Antivo to comply with their orders and when Antivo refused, officers used a stun gun to attempt to stop the man. A second attempt at using the stun gun proved ineffective and four officers then tackled and restrained Antivo in a hallway.

Neighbor Rod Smith reported Antivo was "tripping out" to KRDO Newschannel13. Druing the interview, Smith offered that upon hearing noise stemming from the incident, he stepped out of his apartment into the hallway and "one of the cops told me to go back to my apartment, but of course I sat there with the door cracked and listened. The guy was totally tripped out."

Medical personnel arrived on the scene and Antivo confessed to consuming mushrooms. Smith also reported that as Antivo was taken away: "He kept trying to tell the cops that he would take them on one by one if they'd take his cuffs off. He asked them if they wanted to smoke a bowl with him."

Antivo was treated at a local hospital and now faces charges for resisting arrest.

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