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Google Chrome OS Entering the Operating System Market

Google has finally confirmed all the rumors of it entering the operating system market which had been going on since years. Yesterday, in an official blog post it confirmed its plans to directly challenge Microsoft by introducing its own OS which would be called Google Chrome OS.

Google Chrome OS will be open source and Google plans to make it available initially on netbooks, starting from the second half of 2010. It will run on both x86 and ARM chips and the architecture would comprise of the Google Chrome browser running with the Linux kernel on the backend. Like all the other Google products, this new OS would incorporate simplicity and speed at its core. Google wants it to be fast, reliable and something which enables people to quickly get on the web.

There have been concerns that it could overlap with Android, Google's operating system for mobile phones and other similar devices. Google was candid to accept it and mentioned that the competition between the two projects would drive innovation and result in better products.

Microsoft and other competitor firms are yet to give an official reaction to this announcement.

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