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Greenway University, First Pot College, Opening Campus in Arizona

Greenway University, the first and only state approved medical marijuana education center, is opening a "pot" campus in Phoenix, Arizona. Founded by Gus Escamilla, the campus will "[provide] education while helping grow in a new American industry" per the industrious CEO.

Greenway University built its first campus in Denver, Colorado, and hopes to expand in Arizona following the November passage of Arizona's medical marijuana initiative. Courses in Denver provide students with skills necessary to cultivate the plant, understand state laws, and acquire the skills necessary to
become a professional in the bustling medical marijuana industry. The Arizona campus is expected to be much like the Denver campus.

The finalized legislation within Arizona is expected to be passed in March. Experts predict that the new medical marijuana industry will increase the state's revenue by 40 million dollars. The legislation will allow individuals to open a dispensary while adhering to zoning and site requirements, licensing practices, and Department of Health Services regulations. The legislation will also enable the licensing of 124 dispensaries throughout the state, with licenses issued in lottery style, first come first serve, and a qualification basis. Dispensary owners may expect to be taxed at rate of 300 percent.

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