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The Guardian App Reached 100,000 Downloads for iPhone and iPod Touch Since December Launch

The Guardian App reached over 100,000 downloads for iPhone and iPod touch since its December 14, 2010 launch. Director of Digital Content for Guardian News & Media, Emily Bell, proclaimed ""Breaking the 100,000 download barrier in just over two months is an enormous achievement for the Guardian App. The feedback we received at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week from both the industry and users was very complimentary, and we are thrilled that the app is being showcased in Apple's latest television campaign."

As of February 21, 2010, the Guardian App had been downloaded 101,457 times, in part to Apple's iPhone advertising. The Guardian App features news, comment, photo galleries, and audio from the United Kingdom's top newspaper website "The Guardian" with 36,980,637 million users world wide in the following countries: Finland, Latvia, Romania, Austria, France, Lithuania, Slovakia, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Greece, Malta (Republic of), Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Estonia, Italy, Portugal, Australia & Canada, UK, Ireland, US.

The Guardian App was designed by programmers from The Guardian's website and constructed by 2ergo. The App is available from any iPhone or iPad touch store as well as at

The Guardian App is a contender for a British Press Award in the Digital Innovation category.

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