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Guiness Proclaims Giant George World's Largest Dog

The Guinness Book of World Records proclaimed Giant George to be the world's largest dog. Giant George, a blue Great Dane, weighs 250 pounds and stands 3 feet, 7 inches tall. He outgrew the former world's largest dog, Titan, also a Great Dane, by one inch, a fact verified by Guinness officials but argued by Titan's mistress, Diana Taylor. Taylor argues that Giant George is not larger than Titan. She blogged on "The Life and Times of the World's Tallest Dog" that Giant George is in fact considerably smaller than Titan. Talor maintains "These details were conveniently removed from his website when it became obvious that this dog is not only 4" shorter than Titan but, at 39 1/8" at the shoulder wouldn't have made the original cut even if he had submitted his paperwork to Guinness in time for World Records Day."

Giant George and his master David Nasser, will be a guest on this afternoon's "Oprah" and will also be recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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