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Gulf Update: Tugboat Hits Wellhead, More Oil Spills

A Gulf of Mexico Update: Tugboat hits wellhead, more oil spills into waters near a Louisiana marsh area. The captain of the tug boat notified officials upon the collision between his vessel and the well head just before dawn on Tuesday, July 27, 2010.  Official reports from MSNBC indicate that oil is shooting up to 20 feet into the air at the accident site.

President Billy Nungesser from the office of Plaquemines Parish reported that a tugboat collided with a well located in inland waterways between Plaquemines and Jefferson parishes, located approximately 65 miles south of New Orleans in a non-assessible area.  Emergency crews and Jefferson Parish officials have quickly responded to the collision and are attempting to determine how to stop the spill.  Officials have not determined exactly how much oil is flowing out of the well.

They added that the tug boat hit the well before dawn. The tug boat captain immediately notified officials, and another boat later called in the leak.

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