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"Hactivists" Defend Wikileaks by Targeting Swedish Government, Amazon, PayPal, Credit Card Companies

The support for the recently apprehended Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, following his surrender in a UK court on Tuesday, is pouring across the Internet in unusual form: hackers. A surge of "hactivists" have toppled various major websites including: Mastercard, Visa, and PayPal, with sights on the Swedish Government and even Sarah Palin. Many suspect that megalomaniac Amazon will be the next "hactivist" victim and measures are already in place to protect from the threat.

Despite Assange's absence in the daily operations of Wikileaks, spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson of Wikileaks has maintained the organization will continue to publish the "poison pill" of diplomatic cables in their arsenal. Many governments throughout the world, particularly U.S. officials, are looking for ways to stop Wikileaks from making the secret information public. Hrafnsson offered to ABC News that a six person group is running Wikileaks in Assange's absence and there's really no stopping the organization as "This is a turning tide and starting a trend that you can't really stop unless you want to shut down the Internet."

Hrafnsson has firmly denied Wikileaks' involvement in the "hactivism." Hrafnsson suggested the severance of Wikileaks' business associates, including PayPal, has sparked "Operation Payback" among followers born out of "outrage ammoung the general public."

Assange's arrest for "sexual misconduct" is suspected by followers and supporters to be "politically motivated" and largely unfounded.

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