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Haleigh Cummings Search Continues in River Near Home

Haleigh Cummings, who went missing in February 2009, search continues in river near her father's mobile home. Haleigh Cummings was five years old when she disappeared in Satsuma, nearly sixty miles South of Jacksonville, Florida in February 2009. Investigators are using k-9 units, search teams, and helicopters, to search the rural area where Haleigh may be. Authorities from the Putnam County Sheriff's office report that "thousands of leads have been picked up."

Investigators recently received a tip to search St. Johns River near the home of Ronald Cummings, Haleigh's father. The last person to see Haleigh before her disapperance was Misty Croslin, Ronald's seventeen year old, live-in girlfriend. Croslin made a frantic 911 alleging that Haleigh was missing and when Croslin awoke, the back door to the trailer was propped open with a brick.

In January 2010, Misty Croslin and Ronald Cummings were arrested during an undercover drug sting. Hours of surveilliance videotape captured Croslin and Cummings, in the company of four others, trafficking Oxycodone and Hydrocodone. Croslin and Cummings pleaded not guilty at their arraignments. Both return to court with Cummings back on May 13, 2010 and Croslin on June 3, 2010. Croslin is held on $1.35 million dollar bond and faces a sentence of over 100 years. Authorities speculate that Croslin may have more information regarding Haleigh's disappearance than she has revealed thus far.

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