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Heat Wave Slams the U.s.

A heat wave slams the U.S. with temperatures predicted by the National Weather Service to soar to the mid 90's throughout the first week of July in regions east of the Mississippi.  High temperatures for New England south to Virginia and east of the Appalachian Mountains are expected to range from 95 to 104 degrees.  The National Weather Service has issued high temperature alerts for New York, New Hampshire, Maryland, Massachusettes, Vermont, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware; and throughout sections of Virginia, West Virginia, and Michegan. 

Officials have warned residents to drink plenty of fluids and only remain outdoors for short periods of time.  Record breaking temperatures have already been reached in New Jersey, causing water restrictions and temporarily blackouts.

Forecasters predict a break in the high temperatures on approximately July 10, 2010. 


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