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Heidi Montag Spencer Pratt Break Up

News of a Heidi Montag/Spencer Pratt break up hit headlines late last week, but are Speidi heading for a divorce or just looking for media coverage again?

According to, Heidi and Spencer (Speidi, as the duo are often referred to) did in fact break up, with Heidi's new roommate saying, "She’s moving in with me. They’re not divorced."

New roomie Jennifer Bunney also commented that Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are "going through some issues…I don’t think you move in with your friend if your marriage is completely cruising along. If things are great, you don’t move out and move in with your friend."

Heidi’s rep reported that Montag was moving out of the Speidi home "due to all the fake bad press that Spencer controls…She’s tired of it and is looking for a place and wants to focus on her acting career.”

Incidentally, Heidi will begin filming a new reality series in July and the split from Spencer will be part of the storyline.

Source: TV Crunch

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