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Heidi Montag Wants Huge Breast Implants Removed!

According to Heidi Montag she wants to lead a normal life. Its hard for somebody like Heidi Montag to have that: from being a Hills star to a plastic surgery spokesperson to a potential sex tape star, Heidi Montag is leaving no stone unturned the shocking the audience. This time around, Heidi Montag has announced that she wants her huge implants that she got last year, out of her body.

The last year implants was the second time Heidi Montag got her breasts enlarged becoming a G-cup. At that time, Heidi Montag was quoted as saying that she would go for further enlargements as she wanted an H-cup. Now Heidi Montag is singing an altogether different flute. As per the press release, Heidi Montag is in severe pain from the many breasts implant procedures that she has put her body through.

Heidi Montag confided in Life and Style that she wanted to downgrade her G-cups to a more closer-to-normal DD-cup or even a D-cup. Heidi Montag wants her outrageous implants to be removed.

The controversial actress has admitted that doing something normal like hugging her dogs is practically impossible with her huge implants. Finally, some sense descends, only too late.

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