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Herd of 200 Goats Wander Interstate 5 in California With Deadly Results

A herd of 200 goats wandered onto Interstate 5 near Galt, California on Saturday evening with deadly results. Motorists along the southbound lanes near the Twin Cities Road exit were shocked and unable to avoid many of the goats and other vehicles on the freeway. The California Highway Patrol reports that many accidents occurred when the herd of goats entered the highway, leaving approximately 40 goats killed and many more severely injured.

Officials are investigating how the animals ended up on the section of Interstate 5 as they had "wandered" from a property 3 miles west of the Interstate. California Highway Patrol spokesman Alex Manciu reported a broken fence may have allowed the herd to travel "along the riverbed to get to the freeway and once they got there, were able to make their way on the freeway." Manciu reported that officials have questioned the goats' owner and it is uncertain if any criminal charges will follow.

The surviving goats have been returned to their owner.

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