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Hilary Duff Goes on Extremely Short Honeymoon

Many celebrities had their eyes popping out when they discovered that Hilary Duff was sporting a seven-figure wedding ring, but equally shocking was the fact that her honey moon lasted less than four days. Hilary Duff was spotted getting a new hairdo at the Beverly Hills hair Salon after which she was whisked off to Cabo San Lucas by husband, Mike Cormie.
Hilary Duff and Mike Cormie, an NHL Hockey Player, had an amazingly short honey moon that spanned a total of four days before they were back home together. Many of her fans are wondering what might have prompted Hilary Duff and hubby to take such a short honey moon.
Financial matters are the least of the factors to blame for the short duration because 29 years old Mike Cormie is the heir to a $500 million Appliance Chain Fortune.
As was eventually disclosed, the 22 years old actress had to come back to begin the filming of “The Story of Bonnie and Clyde” that is due next week. The film is going to feature the escapades of bank robbers and will also show case the acting skills of Taryn Manning and Kevin Zegers.
Hilary Duff married Mike Cormie last Saturday in Santa Barbara, California. A representative of Hilary Duff was not available for comment on the short honey moon.

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