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Hoki Fish Causes Greenpeace Outrage

The Hoki fish, also known as bluefin, is making waves in the news because it is an endangered fish. Yet because of proposed New Zealand government bill to raise bluefin "catches" by twenty five percent. The European Parliament, France, Italy, and various institutions, scientists and stakeholders support Greenpeace's attempts to protect this fish from extinction.

Greenpeace wants the "scandalous plan" to be immediately withdrawn and a southern bluefin tuna fishery shut down. This would enable the fish to slowly repopulate rather than become extinct. Greenpeace has over 1400 signatures on a petition readied for the Ministry of Fisheries in an attempt to thwart New Zealand's proposal to increase fishing.

In light of a Commission for the Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna population study, Greenpeace representative Karli Thomas warned: “Under the Ministry of Fisheries own Harvest Strategy Standard, this species would already be classified as collapsed and be considered for closure... New Zealand hoki and orange roughy are being removed from sale by retailers overseas that set higher environmental standards than our fishing industry is meeting. The Ministry of Fisheries is supposed to be sustainably managing our fisheries. It is failing.”

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