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Hollywood Plastic Surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan Dies in a Car Accident

 Dr. Frank Ryan was a renowned plastic surgeon, known amongst the celebrity circles for his amazing work on Hollywood stars. Belonging to Los Angeles, Dr. Frank Ryan was killed in a car accident yesterday afternoon. According to the reports of TMZ, Dr. Frank Ryan was driving the vehicle that claimed his life. Dr. Frank Ryan drove the jeep off the Pacific Coast Highway which ended up resting on its roof on the rocks in the area.

Dr. Frank Ryan was 50 years old. He was rushed to the hospital but due to several serious head injuries, Dr. Frank Ryan succumbed to death yesterday and was pronounced dead.

Dr. Frank Ryan most famous piece of work was perhaps the most controversial one as well. Heidi Montag was the client who kept Dr. Frank Ryan in the newspapers as her whole appearance was changed due to his cosmetic surgery skills. He dramatic changes in Heidi Montag earned Dr. Frank Ryan a lot of recognition and controversy in Hollywood.

Amongst the clients of Dr. Frank Ryan, some of them include Gene Simmons, Adrianne Curry, Shauna Sand and Vince Neil.

It has not yet been revealed whether drug or alcohol overdose had any role to play in Dr. Frank Ryan’s tragic death.

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