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Hotel Costa Verde Boeing 727 Suite

If you are like me you can get bored with traditional hotels, and lodgings. Don't you worry now finally someone has it figured out. In Costa Rica the Hotel Costa Verde has some amazing lodgings. It's a hotel suite built out of an old 727 fuselage. It's truly amazing.

hotel costa verde 727 suite

"The airline industry is cranking out planes with individual cabins and flat beds, but for most of us, there’s just no way to sleep comfortably on overnight flights. In Costa Rica, however, a lucky guest at Hotel Costa Verde can elect to stay in the refurbished remains of a 727. The plane, salvaged from a local airport, was converted into a 2-bedroom suite, complete with a living room, kitchenette, deck, and ocean view. Rates are surprisingly low (between $300 and $350 per day)." via The Super Melon

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