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How Will the iPhone 5S Affect Gaming?

The latest version of the iPhone was a shocking release to some, and to others it seemed to be perfectly in line with Apple's vision of consumer electronics. It boasted a larger screen, perfect for web browsing and gaming, and offered a much improved processor inside its shell. For online casino gamers and indeed gamers of all stripes, it meant that their handset was now capable of so much more.

As technology advances, we are seeing big changes in the way we use our phones, and the products that are offered. The app store has become a staple feature of the entire Apple product line and because of the versatility that this brings it means that users can adapt and adjust their own handset to make it more personal and have it fit perfectly into their life and the built in web browser allows flexibility for gamers far beyond what is available in the app store.

Online casino games such as the roulette or Blackjack are wildly popular nowadays and it's mainly down to the fact that they are so easy to find. Having tapped into the smartphone and tablet market, online casinos such as have gained even more momentum, having been on the rise since their inception about a decade ago. Users can now play their favourite slots games or have a quick game of cards whenever they wish, for free or for cash and there is no shortage of choice. Their popularity is boosted by their ubiquity, and it is this that gives the iPhone an upper hand in the portable gaming device market. With so much on offer as well as a vast and varied collection of gaming gems, it's easy to see why the iPhone has become so popular.

The iPhone 5S looks set to put all of this into the hands of many more gamers, offering a much lower price when compared to the standard model. Gamers have been waiting for this moment for a long time; the moment when they will be able to stand at the cutting edge of handheld technology without having to shell out the money it would normally cost them.

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