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Howard Stern on American Idol: Stern Targeted to Replace Simon Cowell

The producers of the number one television show in the United States, American Idol , have been scrambling to find a replacement for the star of the show: Simon Cowell. At the top of their list is Howard Stern, a controversial, highly opinionated figure who just might bring the right kind of attitude to replace Cowell.

Simon Cowell is known for his matter of fact statements and tough treatment of contestants. While a curmudgeon, he is certainly not as controversial off the show as Howard Stern. Stern has been known to push the buttons of American sensibilities; to stretch the boundaries of taboo. And the question for the producers of American Idol is whether the show can remain family friendly with the sex-infused personality of Howard Stern at the helm.

Representatives for Howard Stern could not be contacted for comment. However, for the self proclaimed king of media, this would be a dream opportunity and the biggest platform of his life.

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