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Hugh Hefner Files for Divorce From Kimberly Conrad

Hugh Hefner has accused his estranged wife of cheating on him before they were separated as he files for divorce 11 years after the couple separated.

Hefner decided to finally end his marriage with Kimberly Conrad over a dispute about his decision to sell the house next to his famous Playboy mansion, where his sons and ex once lived.

After officially filing for divorce last week, Hefner now claims his soon-to-be ex-wife cheated on him.

Hefner told that while he was faithful during his marriage, Conrad cheated on him "early in the relationship."

He also said he knows who the other man is.

Despite the alleged affair, Hefner and Conrad stayed married and when they split in 1998,Hefner agreed not to seek a divorce for the sake of the couple's children.

He also agreed to honor the couple's pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, saying, "I have been generous to a fault."

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