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Hugh Jackman Suffers Stitches After Oprah Incident

Hugh Jackman was Oprah's guest during a special filming of her hit talkshow in Australia this morning. Oprah and her 302 American guests went Down Under to promote tourism in Australia and meet the locals. Hugh Jackman was one of Oprah's first guests who made a crashing entry upon sliding down a zip-cable between the Sydney Opera House and Oprah's outdoor stage. Jackman neglected to pull the brake with time and line enough to stop and ended up running into a light rig. Jackman injured his face.

Jackman joked following the incident: "That was so much fun, until the end." Jackman apparently forgot to pull the brake because of his excitement. He offered: "I came down waving to everyone, looking over Sydney Harbour, saw my dad, the kids, and you [Oprah], went to pull the brake and boing."

Jackman later nursed the injury with ice and a glass of wine. Jackman's injury later required stitches.

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