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Indian Idol Winner Announced!

 The fifth season of the Indian Idol just concluded its course and announced the winner. Indian Idol is a rip-off of the American Idol and many people in Asia enjoy watching the singing competition. The Indian Idol 5 winner is Sreeram Chandra. Sreeram Chandra belongs to Andhra Pradesh and has been declared as one having an amazing voice and charm to have wooed the audience that votes for the singers.

Sreeram Chandra has been chosen as the Indian Idol 5 amongst three finalists namely, Bhumi, Rakesh and Sreeram. The Telugites especially are really proud of Sreeram Chandra to have earned the title of Indian Idol. Bhumi was regarded as a strong contender but all has ended well for well considering she has been chosen as an RJ for Radio Mirchi, which is no less than an honor. Although Sreeram Chandra has been given the Indian Idol title, all the finalists have huge fan followings and delivered some amazing performances.

The Indian Idol winner is due to receive an amount of Rs.50 Lacs, a contract with Sony Music and a hot bike from Honda. In addition to the usual judges, famous actor Amitabh Bachan was also on stage to announce the winner of Indian Idol. 


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