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Indonesia Earthquake Measures 6.5 Magnitude

Indonesia's Sumatra Island was shaken along it's western shores when a 6.5 magnitude earthquake occurred Friday. The earthquake stuck southeast of Pagai Selatan off of the western coast of Sumatra. Indonesian Meterology and Geophysics Agency Official Gian Ginanjar reported no casualties or damages resulted from the quake but it sparked a lot of panic in the public.

The earthquake occurred 6 miles (10 kilometers) under the Indian Ocean bed. A series of fault lines beneath Indonesia render the nation one most rattled by frequent and often severe earthquakes. Indonesia's lands have been rattled by severe earthquakes in the past which have caused thousands of deaths as a result of the earthquakes and tsunamis that often follow them.

Residents feared a tsunami warning and fled to higher ground only to return after authorities assured the threat of tsunami had passed.

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