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Investigators Search for Missing Engines From Downed Airliner

The mystery of how a flock of birds could have brought down US Airways Flight 1549 is still unsolved. Investigators are still trying to retrieve the plane's two engines, which broke off the aircraft after it crashed into the icy waters of the Hudson River on Thursday. The black boxes, which contain important information about the flight, have not yet been recovered.

All of the 150 passengers and five crew members on board the flight survived the crash, which is thought to have been caused by birds colliding with the plane's engine. The Airbus is equipped with engines designed to withstand strikes from birds weighing up to four pounds. A detailed inspection will attempt to explain why the plane's engine was disabled so quickly after takeoff. The pilot, Captain Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger, has not yet spoken with investigators, but he did take a congratulatory call from the president.

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