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Iran Claims to Not Believe in Nuclear Weapons

Iran's supreme leader Ayatolla Ali Khamenei held a press conference from the deck of the “Jamaran," Iran's newest naval destroyer in the Persian Gulf today. Ayatolla addressed claims that Iran has nuclear capabilities and said "Iran does not believe in nuclear weapons and is not seeking to develop them." The United Nation's provoked Ayatolla's speech when nuclear inspectors uncovered "evidence of past or current undisclosed activities" of Iran's military to create a nuclear warhead and filed a report.

Ayatollah Khamenei’s statement denied nuclear weapons claims, voiced his disapproval the US's military presence in the Middle East, and claimed that Iran's "neighbors know that these are false claims and that America and the Zionist regime are trying to create divisions and divert the attention of the Islamic world from their real enemies, which are the U.S. and Israel.”

Iran was the topic of conversation when Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton traveled to Saudi Arabia and Qatar this week. Clinton urgently illustrated the threat of Iran's Revolutionary Guard and it's involvement in the "possible nuclear arms race." The U.S. responded with more troops and advanced technology to detect and eliminate missiles. The U.N. hopes by placing sanctions on Iran, they will cease nuclear programs and access to uranium.

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