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Irina Krupnik Lawsuit vs. "Couple's Retreat" Producers

Irina Krupnik filed a lawsuit Thursday against "Couple's Retreat" producers Universal Pictures and NBC network. Krupnik, former model turned makeup artist, filed the suit in the Manhattan, New York Supreme Court Thursday regarding the use of her photo in the 2009 Universal Pictures flop "Couple's Retreat." Seems that Krupnik is seeking $10 million of Universal's dollars for defamation.

Thomas Mullaney, the attorney representing Krupnik, went on the record with The New York Daily News to reveal details of Krupnik's suit. Mullaney and Krupnik allege that Universal used Krupnik's image in a disturbing scene in the film that they both maintain is "essentially pornography." Mullaney stated "At the very least, common decency means you should ask somebody before you put them into a scene." The scene involves actor Jon Favreau "pleasuring himself" to Krupnik's "wholesome" image. Mullaney also stated: "The image of an older married man pleasuring himself to the picture of someone who was closer to the age of a child is disgusting...It was a swimsuit ad, not pornography."

The controversial photo involves a bikini clad Krupnik posed on beach in the Bahamas with a sultry expression. Krupnik was 21 at the time the snapshot was taken in February 2001 and reportedly signed a release which allowed "commercial use of the image through stock photo agencies."

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