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Jamie Bell to Join Cast of ‘Retreat’ With Cillian Murphy

According to Deadline, the English actor Jamie Bell has signed on to join the cast of the upcoming British psychological thriller “The Retreat.” The film already has Cillian Murphy (from “Inception”) and Thandie Newton (from “Crash”) in its cast.

“The Retreat” begins production next month in Wales under the direction of newcomer Carl Tibbets. The film was written by director Carl Tibbets, and will be produced by Magnet's Gary Sinyor. David Frost will be in executive producing it.  

The movie revolves around a story of a married couple vacationing on a remote European island to work on their relationship after they are affected by a personal tragedy.  But the couple's world is thrown into chaos when a soldier in a biohazard suit washes ashore and tells them everyone on the mainland is dying of a highly contagious airborne virus, and the story follows on these lines.

Bell will be replacing the previously attached David Tennant to play the dying military officer. 

Bell is a young actor, who got his start playing the titular role in the acclaimed “Billy Elliot” released in 2000. He was a finalist to play Spider-Man in the Marc Webb reboot. He just finished production on Steven Spielberg’s “The Adventure of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn” which will be seen next February alongside Channing Tanutum in the Roman period drama “The Eagle.”


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