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January Jones & Jason Sudeikis: Conflict Over Intimacy!

Jason Sudeikis and Jason Sudeikis have been seen together for several weeks now and the two seem to be quite comfortable with each other physically. Its natural to assume that the dating process between Jason Sudeikis and January Jones has been going smoothly. Recently, the couple was seen attendin the Emmy Awards Ceremony together but yet there seems to be something that they don’t share. Yes, January Jones claims that Jason Sudeikis has not seen her naked, yet.
Jason Sudeikis appeared in an interview with “Lopez Tonight” Show and confirmed that he was courting the beautiful actress, January Jones. When the interviewer posed the question of whether they have been together naked and all, Jason Sudeikis was quick to say that yes, he’s been there and done that, meaning the nakedness has been there.
When January Jones appeared in an interview with People’s Magazine, she said that Jason Sudeikis has not seen her naked and now he will never do so after passing the comments on Lopez Tonight Show.
January Jones and Jason Sudeikis were seen together at the Emmy’s Pre-Party on Saturday as well as at the Award Function on Sunday sitting right next to each other in the front row.

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