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Japan's Mt. Kirishima Volcano Erupts, Leaves Citizens on Alert

Japan's Mount Kirishima's volcano, named Shinmoedake, erupts and leaves citizens on alert. The volcanic eruptions began at 7:30 a.m. on January 26, 2011 spewing volcanic bombs, red hot magma, and lava fragments more than 1 mile into the air above Japan's Kyushu island. A giant ash cloud caused Toykyo VAAC to issue an ash warning for locations above 25,000 feet. Areas throughout southern Japan have been significantly affected and residents within one mile of the volcano have been evacuated to safer locations. Many of Japan's roadways, flights, and rail ways have been shut down in response to the volcanic eruptions.

Officials report the present Kirishima eruptions are the worst in fifty years, though the volcanic vents typically erupt, the latest eruptions are the largest since 1959.

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