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Jasmine Villegas Is Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend

Jasmine Villegas has hit the jackpot by landing Justin Bieber as her boyfriend. Villegas, aka Jasmine V, is a rising solo artist who has appeared on various television shows and music videos.

Jasmine Villegas recently signed a record deal with Sony Music in order to advance her own music career and advance to stardom. Her relationship with Justin Bieber is sure to have a huge effect.

Jasmine V is currently sixteen years old and her family is a mix of Filipino and Mexican. She has appeared on Nickelodeon tv shows and as well as MTV in videos such as Kanye West’s Jesus Walks, Sean Kingston’s Eenie Meenie, and in Justin Bieber’s Baby.

So who is Jasmine Villegas? For now she's Justin Bieber's girlfriend. But if things go well, she may soon be the superstar platinum selling recording artist known as Jasmine V.

Source: Jasmine Villegas Is Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’!

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