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Jaycee Dugard to Receive $20 Million Settlement

Jaycee Dugard to receive a $20 million dollar settlement for the nearly twenty years she and her children spent as captives of Phillip Garrido.  

Dugard was kidnapped by Garrido near her Lake Tahoe residence in when she was eleven years old.  Garrido then held Dugard and the two children he fathered against their will in sheds behind his Anitoch, California home for 18 years. Dugard managed to escape in August 2009 at age 28 when Garrido was visiting the Berkeley campus of University of California.  Campus safety ran a background check on Garrido, discovered Garrido was a registered sex offender, and confirmed Dugard's identity as a missing person.  The Campus Safety officer and Garrido's parole officers determined the children's identities as well.  Garrido was detained.  Dugard was freed and is one step closer to justice.

The California State Assembly announced on Thursday, July 1, 2010 that Dugard will receive a $20 million dollar settlement if passed by the state Senate.  Dugard filed claims within the California Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board for lack of supervision over Garrido while he was on parole for a previous rape and kidnapping charge.  Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes has written a bill which may allow Dugard more than the porpsed $20 million dollar settlement because her case has a "unique and tragic character."  

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