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Jayne Peters Coppell Texas Mayor Kills Daughter, Self

Jayne Peters, Coppell, Texas Mayor, kills daughter and her self.  Police are investigating a murder-suicide of Mary Corinne Peters, 19, and Mayor Jayne Peters, 55.  Police found Mayor Peters and her daughter dead on Tuesday, July 14, 2010 following a request from the city manager's office to check on the mother and daughter.  When authorities arrived at the Peters' residence, they found the town mayor and her daughter dead.  Police suspicion was confirmed by the Medical Examiner's office that the mayor killed her daughter before killing herself. 

Coppell Deputy Chief Steve Thomas reported to CNN on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 "Earlier this afternoon, we received word from the Dallas County Mdical Examiner's Office that they had made a ruling into the deaths involving Mayor Peters and her daughter Corinne.   The pathologist advised that their ruling was that this was a homicide-suicide, which will change the focus of our investigation."

Investigators found a note and key to the Peters' home on the front door as well as three notes within the residence.  The first note cautioned authorities of what would be waiting inside.  Once inside, the notes within gave no motive but expressed orders for caring for the two dogs who lived with Mayor Peters and her daughter. Corinne's body was located on the first floor of the house with Mayor Peters' body on the second.  The initial medical examiners report indicates "a contact gunshot wood to the head" killed Mayor Peters and a "gunshot wound to the neck and head" killed Corinne.

Peters had been mayor of Coppel since May 2009.  When she missed a scheduled council meeting, police intervened and found her and her daughter's bodies.

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