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Jennifer Aniston "Not Pregnant" Per Rep, Us Weekly Claims Otherwise

One of the world's most watched midsections - belonging to 44 year old actress Jennifer Aniston - is again under scrutiny. Though her rep denies any baby bump, Us Weekly has published all over its cover details of a Aniston-Theroux baby! The report headline reads "Jen's Big Secret Pregnant!" with an underlying caption of "After years of trying, she's finally going to be a mom at 44. How she's prepping for a baby - and a wedding." The tab went on to state Aniston had difficulty keeping her growing figure under the radar as she filmed and promoted her two most recent movies "We Are The Millers" and "Life of Crime."

Aniston's rep, however, has shot down the claims. The an official statement offered by her rep to the Daily News and the UK's MailOnline read: "The entire story is a fabrication. Jennifer is not pregnant!" But many claim otherwise. The star has no plans upcoming films - a beyond extreme event given her typical workload - and was spotted throughout August with higher waist dresses, conveniently wrapped towels for bikini shots, and even a little what could very well be bump (be it pasta or a developing baby.)

The actress herself has claimed "it's just a few pounds."

We'll just have to wait until 2014 to see!

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