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Jennifer Capriati, Former Olympic Gold Winner, Possible Overdose

Jennifer Capriati a former Olympic Gold winner, was hospitalized for possible overdose.  The thirty four year old record breaking, right handed Tennis prodigy was found unconscious at a Riviera Beach, Florida hotel room on June 27, 2010. Capriati was rushed to a nearby hospital and per reports obtained by TMZ from Capriati's father, Stephano, is recovering.  

Capriati claimed over 14 career titles, which included 3 Grand Slams and one Gold Medal from the 1992 Olympics. Despite Capriati's on court success, Capriati has suffered off court troubles.  In December 1993 Capriati was arrested for shoplifting a $35 ring.  In May 1994, Capriati was picked up for marijuana possession.  Capriati's arrests rendered her the "poster child for burned out sports prodigies" by the Chicago-Sun Times. 

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