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Jennifer Freeman Bites Earl Watson- Divorce Details!

 In an almost unbelievable domestic violence story, Jennifer Freeman has been accused of “attacking” her husband, Earl Watson. Earl Watson is an NBA Player and currently involved in the process of filing his divorce papers. Jennifer Freeman lost all sense when Earl Watson suspiciously discovered some text message in her cell phone. Jennifer Freeman is said to have attacked her husband with her teeth.

According to the divorce papers that Earl Watson filed at the Los Angeles Superior Court, Earl Watson states that Jennifer Freeman attacked him with her teeth drawing blood from his hand and his chest. Jennifer Freeman is also said to have thrown an iron at Earl Watson which he escaped with minimal injuries.

Now TMZ reports that Jennifer Freeman and Earl Watson have reconciled their differences or are trying to do so after the violent attack in which the NBA player got beaten up. The couple was seen as one crazily in love with each other and still enjoying the golden period post marriage since they tied the knot in May 2009, which is not that long ago.

Jennifer Freeman is the famous actress from the TV show “My Wife and Kids”. We sure hope the couple finds some peace and work out their issues.


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