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Jenny McCarthy New Man Donny Wahlberg and New Gig on the View

Funny girl and Playboy model Jenny McCarthy has a new man and a new gig. Not only has she stepped into the spotlight with her romance involving New Kids On The Block singer Donny Wahlberg but she has also earned herself a spot on The View as a former co-host's replacement.

Wahlberg and McCarthy had an onscreen flirtation when he appeared on Jenny's self-titled talkshow in March of this year that seems to have carried off screen. Cources have confirmed that Jenny spent much of her vacation over the 4th Of July holiday with Wahlberg.

Then on Thursday, July 11, 2013, The View host Sherri Shepherd leaked to celebrity gossip kings TMZ that McCarthy will be replacing Joy Behar (who leaves in August) or Elisabeth Hasselbeck just one day following Hasselbeck's emotional departure from the show. While weeping and walking through LAX, Shepherd spilled confirmation of Jenny's spot with: "Jenny McCarthy is fearless, she's amazing, she'll cause some stuff, so I'm excited about her."

They say when one thing changes, the rest usually do.
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