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Jenny McCarthy's Kid May Not Have Autism After All...

The View hostess and advocate for autism who proclaimed that vaccines were evil is catching more flack. It seems that her eleven year old kid, Evan, may not have autism after all! It seems the boy's 2005 diagnosis of autism was perhaps incorrect which means that Jenny's anti-vaccination war was launched in ignorant stupidity...we mean futility???

Perhaps. And according to the latest interview in Time magazine, Evan's diagnosis is Landau-Kleffner syndrome - a neurological disorder which causes gradual or sudden asphasia, speech impairment, and maybe even long term brain/nerve damage. Jenny never stopped trying to help her son (which is commendable) but also caused a lot of controversy in the process. Like when the Centers of Disease Control rendered her "a menace to public health" for her stance against vaccinations (which she recently revoked just for the record...)

We all make mistakes. But this one goes to show that doctors, despite their training and experience, often just don't have the answers. And that the public ought NOT take the word of a former Playboy bunny...

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