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Jersey Shore's JWoww Has Svelte New Figure After Losing 20 Pounds

Jennifer "J Woww" Farley of MTV's reality show Jersey Shore has a svelte new figure after losing 20 pounds. J Woww reportedly has credited gym time and consuming less alcohol for dropping over two dress sizes over a 7 month time period.

J Woww dished to Life and Style magazine details of her new leash on life. J Woww stated: "I want to go back to where I was until I was 21. I was running 3 1/2 miles a day, and I looked amazing. I was very, very health-conscious. And I'd never had a drink." J Woww now sweats with the boys of Jersey Shore and limits the variety and amounts of alcohol she consumes, with "vodka-seltzer, no cranberry, nothing fruity. I drank things that wouldn't induce a hangover so I could stick with the gym. It was hard, but it was worth it."

J Woww also apparently began abstaining entirely from alcohol following the wrap of Jersey Shore in September because she "[wanted] to be on point, and drinking gets in the way."

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