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Jersey Shore’s Snooki Gets a Public Proposal From Jeff Miranda

Two weeks into a relationship and you get proposed? Isn’t that a bit too much of a fairy tale quality? That’s exactly what happened to Snooki, from the Jersey Shore fame, as she got publicly proposed by boyfriend of two weeks, Jeff Miranda. The New Jersey Tabloid named “Steppin’ Out” featured the photo of Jeff Miranda posing the million dollar question to Snooki.

In his interview with the Jersey Tabloid, Jeff Miranda supposedly told the magazine that he wants to be with Snooki for life; that he has even imagined them bearing children and raising them; Snooki proving to be a good mother in his opinion; and his love for Snooki never-ending. The proposal is a very public one but one wonders is to garner a bit of publicity for him?

Jeff Miranda is 24 years old and has a rich history in domestic violence as he hit headlines for havin allegedly beaten and threatened to kill his previous girlfriend who eventually had to get a restraining order. The former Iraq Veteran claims that he loves Snooki and that is the only reason behind his proposal. Snooki has yet to respond to the very public proposal made by her sweetheart.

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