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Jim Carey’s Upcoming New Projects

December will mark two years since Jim Carrey appeared in a live-action movie. His last live movie was 2008’s “Yes Man,” and last winter he was a part of the animated “A Christmas Carol.” Both movies sored at the box office, and for an actor who has been turning in movies almost every year since 1994.
But his slump may be coming to end as sources reported on Friday that he is being courted by two major studios for new projects. First in line is 20th Century Fox’s long-gestating adaptation of “Mr. Popper’s Penguins.” The film has was rumored to star Ben Stiller, Jack Black, or Owen Wilson, but Fox appears to have locked Carrey into the picture. The film tells the story of a modest house painter who receives a penguin in the mail from Admiral Drake's Antarctica explorations, and this one penguin turns into twelve and soon the Poppers find the only way to keep everyone fed and comfortable with a roof over their heads is to turn the penguins into performers. The film will be produced by John Davis, and Mark Waters is directing.
The other film in line is Summit Entertainment’s new comedy “Under Cover,” which is about a recently divorced father who joins a “youthful cover band” to fund a custody battle against his ex-wife.
“I Love You, Phillip Morris” is yet another movie which will star Carey, and there are rumors about a “Damn Yankees” remake and a “Where’s Waldo” adaptation, but they are at a stall currently.

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