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Jimmy Buffett, Dragonfly Boatworks and Crew Try to Save the Gulf

Jimmy Buffett, Dragonfly Boatworks, and crew try to save the Gulf Of Mexico one boat of the time.  Mark Castlow, a Vero Beach, Florida boatbuilder and owner of Dragonfly Boatworks, recently appeared on CNN's AC360 with host Anderson Cooper to discuss his attempts at rescuing wildlife in the wake of the April 20th explosion of the Transocean oil rig. Castlow stated "two days after the explosion, I thought, if this stuff ever moves into the marshlands and the estuaries, it'll be a nightmare scenario."  Castlow quickly contacted his sales manager, Jimbo Meador, and with the help of musician/environmentalist Jimmy Buffett, designed a line of custom Shallow Water Attention Terminal (SWAT) boats to rescue wildlife affected by the oil spill.  Castlow furthered "our business is shallow water boats.  It's something we know, and we knew we had to do something."

The problem lies in access.  Later in the AC360 interview, Castlow stated "there are so many people that are connected to nature and water a that want to help, but there's a political and corporate noose around the Gulf."  The "noose" includes the University of Southern Mississippi's Gulf Coast Research Laboratory and BP's Incident Command Center which would not allow any of Castlow's crew off of their boats to assist wildlife within the marshlands, oceans, and the waters of the Mississippi River.  

Dragonfly Boatworks have constructed four, seventeen foot long SWAT boats equipped with quiet, electric trolling motors, 40 HP Eveinrude E-TEC 2 stroke propellers, nonskid work tables, solar fans, solar misting systems, collapsible canopies, and laptop with webcam to allow viewers access to rescue attempts in "real time."  Castlow said "We have this great rescue craft, but we can't put anybody on it to do some good."  

In response to his efforts, Castlow created Dragonfly Environmental Army, a grassroots organization hoping to open up the gridlock standing in the way of the crisis in the gulf, concerned citizens, and bureaucracy.  To get involved phone: (772) 567-8835 and check back for links to Dragonfly Environmental Army's website.


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