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Jimmy Fallon Pro Bowl Shuffle Song Video

Jimmy Fallon's "Pro Bowl Shuffle" song (video) nails it, with Fallon playing Tom Brady and Will Arnett as Brett Favre.

In the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Pro Bowl Shuffle video, Brett Favre's sexting scandal is part of the lyrics, as are his many attempts at retiring.

Will Arnett's part as Brett Favre includes the following lyrics: "Well they call me Brett and I like to dance / Then I text you a picture of what's in my pants / 11 Pro Bowls cuz I love to win / Been with more pro teams than a Kardashian / If you hear me say, that I’m retired that just means I’m currently for hire.

Watch the full Jimmy Fallon "Pro Bowl Shuffle" video here.

Source: TV Crunch

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