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JMU Riot of 8,000 Revellers Leaves 30 Arrested, Many Injured.

JMU riot of 8,000 revellers leaves 30 arrested, many injured. A large crowd near James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, were involved in a "Springfest" party that turned into a riot on Saturday. "Springfest" is a three day party that occurs in off campus housing.

Police speculate that the riot was not caused by JMU students but rather "outsiders" who had gathered for "Springfest" Local police used pepper spray and tear gas to break up the rioters. Police reported that many people were injured by broken glass and rocks thrown by rioters on Saturday afternoon into early evening. Rioters also set a many fires in garbage cans.

This year the part had double the typical crowd of 4,000 in part do to a promotion on Facebook. "Springfest" is a college wide party tradition that has not ended in a riot since the 1990's.

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