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Jobseeking 21 Year Old Commits Suicide After 200 Rejections

A jobseeking 21 year old commits suicide after 200 employment rejections. Vicky Harrison, a bright 21 year old university drop-out and former East Lancashire, England resident, was described by her mother Louise as "a bright, bubbly, and clever girl." VIcky's father Tony, 53, reported that he "lost track of the different types of jobs she applied for. It was really hard seeing her confidence suffer after each rejection. She just wanted to work and earn some cash. I didn't realise how hard it would be to get a job." Mr. and Mrs. Harrison reported that Vicky aspired to be a teacher or television producer but just "gave up."

Vicky was allegedly so discouraged by her fruitless job search that she "became depressed at not being able to find a job. Vicky found it humiliating that she had been out of work for so long and couldn't take it any more. We are struggling to come to terms with [Vicky's suicide]. Vicky is and always was special." Vicky wrote three suicide notes before taking her life with an apparent drug overdose. In each of the notes, written for her mother, father, and boyfriend Nathan Haworth, she stated "It's just that I don't want to be me any more."

Vicky had sought employment through 200 different applications in the two years following her 2008 leave from college which was decidedly "just not right" for her. Vicky was allegedly too "proud" for public assistance but did receive a small Jobseeker's Allowance, like an estimated 4,045 other 18-24 year olds in East Lancashire, England, a number nearly doubled since July 2008 because of recession. Nationally beyond East Lancashire, Manchester and throughout England, over 2.5 million youths are unemployed with dramatic rises in recent months. From December 2009 until February 2010 youth unemployment rose to 929,000 with gains of over 4,000 people when compared with the previous three months. Labor policies in England have been heavily criticized, with opposition claiming that they have caused a "lost generation" of unemployed youths.

Harrison's parents and boyfriend have established a foundation in Vicky's honor dedicated to help unemployed youths in a sad yet growing trend in today's tough economic times.

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